Who is an emigrant?

A Cape Verdean Emigrant is an individual born in Cabo Verde, who might hold, or not, a Cape Verdean nationality, as long as he/she proves to have permanent residence abroad.


Caixa offers a wide range of services to Emigrant clients.

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Opening an Emigrant Account

When opening the Emigrant account, to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data provided, we only need the following documents:

  • Account Opening Form filled in and signed;
  • Updated passport;
  • NIF statement/card;
  • Declaration of proof of emigrant issued by the competent authority;
  • Documentary evidence of their address. If not possible, a statement issued by the client confirming his address (draft available at Agencies);
  • Declaration of Salary issued by the employer with information on the profession and salary in the case of employees;
  • Declaration of the type of activity performed and profession in the case of self-employed workers (draft available at our Agencies).
The account can only be opened upon presentation of the originals or a certified copy of the required documents.
  • You should print the Account Opening Form, or look for the Cape Verdean Consular/Embassy services in your area of residence.
  • Attached to the form, duly filled and signed, you must include the documents listed above, and send them by post mail.
Please note that Opening an account can only be effected upon presentation of the originals or a certified copy of the required documents.

Caixa in the Diaspora

Caixa is increasingly closer to Cape Verdeans and descendants of Cape Verdeans living abroad.

Knowing that, while far away from the motherland, your finances and those of your family are well taken care of, gives you a feeling of happiness and tranquillity. Caixa has sought to expand its network of partners in the diaspora, with the aim of making available, closer to you, a varied range of services and products.

Correspondent Banks

With transfer agreements in several countries, Caixa ensures the service of sending and receiving money safely, with incredibly competitive costs.

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