Caixa Digital Banking

The future is now!

Caixa believes in the advantages of technology and innovation and it is in this sense that it offers its customers the most advanced technology in Digital Banking..

“Can you imagine yourself managing your accounts through your computer or mobile phone?”

Caixa provides Homebanking Caixanet service and App Caixa Mobile service, with which you can operate whenever and wherever you want, in a simple, comfortable and a completely safe manner.
Adherence to Caixa Digital Banking service
Smartphone - Caixa Mobile App
Computer – Homebanking Caixanet
Advantages of Caixa Digital Banking

Security Alerts

Security, suits me.


Did you know that:

  • Using unprotected or third party computers to access Caixanet is not advisable, doing otherwise could compromise your personal data;
  • You must never access links sent by e-mail, to access Caixanet;
  • Whenever you wish to access Caixanet, you must log in to Caixa website, and from there access your account;
  • You will never be asked to enter your confirmation key in full;
  • Caixa always asks for 3 (three) random positions of your confirmation key;
  • If you receive, or have received, e-mails with content of this kind, please do not follow the instructions given in them. Delete them immediately;

Caixa Features

Authentication and Identification
Virtual Keyboard
SMS Token
Latest Entries
Automatic Log out
Digital Verification


  • Caixa alerts to the existence of fraudulent schemes on the Internet, with the aim of accessing customers' personal data, and thus accessing their accounts, via Caixanet.
  • These schemes are called phishing, and generally seem to be reliable and sent by known persons or addresses of the Bank.
  • For your safety you should always be cautious when receiving messages on behalf of Caixa, especially when they suggest a link.
  • Caixa NEVER sends messages to clients asking them to update their data, let alone enter the full confirmation key.
  • This data is personal and non-transferable. So you should always be very cautious of how you handle them.

If by mistake, you have entered your data in links sent via e-mail, please contact us through, or through the number (+238) 260 40 68,  available Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 4:30pm.