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Role of Financial Education in Women´s Empowerment

Financial education plays an important role in empowering women, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to make better decisions in their personal, family, and professional lives.

Understanding concepts such as saving, investing, and credit and debt management enables women to plan for the future, navigate unforeseen events, and capitalize on opportunities for economic growth.

Explore our Financial Education tips for valuable insights.

In this section, we advocate for all individuals, irrespective of gender - to embrace our guidelines, fostering financial independence and paving the way for a stable, secure financial journey.

Setting financial goals and a realistic plan in 2024

Embarking on the journey of 2024 with a resolute dedication to enhance financial well-being marks a pivotal stride toward success and overall prosperity.

Traditionally, the onset of the year serves as a symbolic period for contemplation and strategic planning. For numerous individuals, this involves outlining financial objectives. Nevertheless, the true essence lies not merely in establishing these goals but in formulating a pragmatic and successful plan to realize them.

This article on Financial Education endeavors to provide counsel and tactics to assist in formulating robust financial objectives and a feasible plan for the upcoming year, emphasizing the significance of financial health in fostering well-being and achieving financial prosperity.

Tips for Saving Money During the End-of-Year Parties

As the year-end celebrations draw near, the temptation to exceed our budget often arises. The allure of gifts, dinners, trips, and social gatherings can easily lead to overspending, potentially jeopardizing our financial stability. Nevertheless, it is feasible to make prudent decisions to steer clear of excessive expenditures and savor the holiday season without adversely impacting your financial well-being.

In this final Financial Education article for 2023, we will provide some valuable tips to assist you in achieving this goal.

A basic guide to understanding savings

Saving money is a crucial financial habit, which involves setting aside funds for future needs.

It serves as a means to allocate resources for pursuing individual objectives, handling unexpected circumstances, and establishing a financial safety net.

In this Education and Financial Literacy Series, we will explore the concept of savings in a simple way and present tips on commencing your savings journey.


Financial Education

This e-book entitled "Financial Education - descompliCAIXA" is an initiative of Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde, with the aim of providing basic information on personal finance and encouraging citizens to reflect on their relationship with money. In addition, the material shows how proper management of personal finances can bring benefits to well-being. With a clear and didactic approach, the e-book brings together practical examples and valuable information for efficient management of personal, family and business finances.
We believe that individuals with financial knowledge are crucial for the stability and efficiency of the financial sector, as they tend to seek options that best meet their needs. That is why we have compiled the chapters published in the "Financial Education" section of Caixa's website, with the aim of offering enough knowledge so that the reader can reflect on his personal finances and make them more predictable, controllable and comfortable.

Remember, the key to financial success is constant planning and saving. Follow our tips and happy reading!

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