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Caixa, as a financial institution and with a strong social commitment, created this page to transmit relevant information about financial education to its customers and the general public, contributing to a healthier financial life.
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Step- by- Step Guide to Learning About International Transfers and Corresponding Banks

The smooth operation of international trade and private transactions relies significantly on cross-border transfers, enabling individuals and corporations to transfer and receive funds securely within the global financial system.

Now, let's explore how international transfers work and the role correspondents banks and intermediaries play in this process.

Unforseen$: The importance of an emergency reserve

To preserve financial security and prevent debt in the event of unanticipated occurrences, it is imperative to have an emergency fund.

In addition, reserve building can help cultivate healthy financial habits and lay a more stable financial behavior.

In this Financial Education article, we will explain what an emergency reserve is, why having one is important, how to set it up, and some tips on ways of handling any unforeseen financial needs that may arise.

Develop Healthy Financial Habits

For many people, keeping their money in order can be challenging. Understand that, for you to develop sound financial freedom, you need to embrace a healthy savings culture. 

This a crucial step towards steering your financial life in the right direction, and in the process gain wise financial habits.

So, do you want to get your finances in order and prepare against any unforeseen eventuality? Below, we have rounded up for you crucial steps you can take in 2023 towards attaining financial freedom and reaching great heights:

Control of expenses and the Power of conscious choices

To buy or not to buy is the solid question that should ring in our minds, especially this festive season.

A majority of people don’t know how to control their impulsive spending habits, they will buy things unnecessarily, even those they do not need. Such habits become part of their norm and in the long run, a chunk of their earnings goes to paying bad debts. 

On the other hand, those who know how to make clear conscious choices usually have more to spend and make investments in things that matter such as buying a house or investing in studies.
In this edition, we are going to take a closer look at smarter spending habits, the consequences of uncontrolled spending, and tips for buying more consciously this festive season.