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Have you ever heard of Financial Education?
If not, this is an opportunity to access enlightening content about the financial world.

Caixa, as a financial institution and with a strong social commitment, created this page to transmit relevant information about financial education to its customers and the general public, contributing to a healthier financial life.
With the help of this information, your financial decisions will be more conscious and intelligent.

So, follow the monthly chapters on financial education and let us help you become more prosperous every day.

How to prepare for university education

Starting college life can be an amazing experience and at the same time prove to be pretty challenging for any student. From confirming if you’ve made the cut entry, to the anxiety that comes with crossing to the next stage, especially when it comes to financing your studies can be doubtful and strenuous.

For some, it means leaving their city, Island, and even their country to seek further studies abroad. Some of these students will finance their studies through bank credit or other means of university funding.

Congratulations to those who were selected for our scholarships and those seeking further studies at home and abroad. As you take the first step in shaping your future we have round-up tips to help you begin your journey.

Savings Tips

Nowadays, in any part of the world, the issue of environmental crisis and the planet's sustainability is imperative,  people want to be aligned with the planet's sustainability and inculcate habits that generate savings. And many of them prefer to consume and be customers of organizations (including banking institutions) that are aligned with environmental and social criteria, such as Caixa. That is why in this edition we bring tips for those who want to save without forgetting sustainability, green, and the planet's balance.
Remember: the biggest saving is in the management of everyday expenses. 

Get to know some tips for saving at home and also at the office that we have selected for those who want and need to save money.

Impact of Certification in the Financial Sector

As Instituições financeiros, em especial os bancos, devem estar em compliance com os requisitos legais, bem como cumprir com os requisitos dos clientes para poderem manter-se competitivos e vencerem os desafios de hoje e agarrarem as oportunidades do futuro.

Uma das ferramentas que permitem levar a este sucesso é a Certificação ISO 9001. Vamos conhecer melhor o que é a Certificação ISO 9001 e entender a relação entre a manutenção desta certificação e o desempenho do banco. 

Saiba para que serve a ISO 9001 e quais as vantagens para os clientes do banco. 

How to guarantee security in online transactions

Banking operations in the virtual environment are increasingly gaining space in our lives.  

In Cape Verde, operations carried out via internet banking that entail transfer of funds to payment accounts have seen a growth in quantity and value. This means that most people are aware of the possibilities of e-transactions, including the various forms of use, such as digital banking, e-commerce, payment of services like electricity and water, telephone and mobile phone recharging, and the use of credit or debit cards or the use of apps. Therefore, with this range of possibilities, online security should also be taken into account to avoid embarrassment.

In this sense, we have prepared below some security tips to help you protect yourself when banking in the digital age.