Who is the Business Client?

The Business client is an entity, legally considered as a legal person, and that identifies itself for application with a Trade Name and a Tax Identification Number - NIF.


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Opening a Business Accounts

To open a Business Account at the Caixa, you should go to the nearest branch, submitting the following documents:

  • Opening Account Form properly filled and signed
  • Certificate of commercial registration (in the case of a commercial company) and respective articles of association published in the Official Journal. In the case of non-resident entities, the proof must be made through an equivalent public document;
  • Identification of the holders of the administrative body or equivalent body, by means of identification document and tax identification number (NIF), or by simple written declaration by the legal person itself, containing the name, company name, date of birth, nationality, tax identification number (NIF) and type, number, expiry date, as well as the name of the entity issuing the identification document of the holders;
  • Identification of persons with powers to operate the account, namely:
    • Updated CNI/ID for the national and resident citizen, and updated passport for a non-resident;
    • NIF statement/Card;
    • Document proving the respective address. If this is not possible, declaration issued by the client confirming his address (draft available at our Agencies);
  • NIF statement/card;
  • Corporate Income Tax Return (IRPC);
  • In the case of corporate entities, whose partners or shareholders are also corporate entities, documents of the partners/shareholders must be delivered, until they reach the natural person(s) who effectively own or control the client, namely:
    • Memorandum and articles of association;
    • Certificate of incorporation of the legal person or certificate of incorporation, as applicable;
    • Declaration of the composition of the capital stock and shareholders, issued by the company;
    • Identification documents of the partners/shareholders as individuals who effectively own or control the client.

Opening an Account can only be effected upon presentation of the originals or a certified copy of the required documents.

Caixa guarantees the security and confidentiality of all data provided.