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New Caixanet Empresas – Batch Transfer Service

Caixa's corporate customers now have a new service called Batch Transfers, available on Caixanet Empresas.

With this service, company managers can make several transfers in a single operation.

Through the Batch Transfer service, the payment of employees' salaries and invoices issued by suppliers can be done in a simple, fast, and secure way.

One of the main objectives of using this service is that it guarantees managers efficiency in processing payments, time-saving and greater security, as it is done automatically and without the need to visit branches.

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Caixa Introduces Debit Cards Made From Recycled Materials

Caixa bank has made history by becoming the first financial institution in Cape Verde to introduce payment cards made from recycled materials.

The newly instituted Visa Pre-Paid Plus Empresas and Vinti4 Empresas Cards are the new game changers in the financial sector within the region, as they are made out of plastics, ensuring greater flow and flexibility within the day-to-day management of companies.

The cards are designed in such a way to facilitate their use by visually impaired customers through a distinct cut that allows for easier identification due to their structure when inserted in ATMs.

In addition to the new layout, the material used for production also ensures the efficient quality and durability of the cards.

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Cape Verde To Host 28th Session of African Regional Group of World Savings Bank Institute

Cape Verde will host the next African Regional Group of the World Savings Bank Institute (IMCE/WSBI) summit scheduled from 6th – 7th October 2022, on the Island of Sal. 

Organized by Caixa Económica, the meeting brings together distinguished guests and representatives of Financial Institutions from several African countries.

The overall theme for the 28th edition is "Banking Strategy and Leadership", highlighting the latest developments and new trends in the banking industry at a global level of capital importance for banking activity, such as Banking Strategy and Leadership.

Chairing the opening will be the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Business Development, and Minister of Digital Economy.

Caixa Digital Banking The future is now!

Society is currently experiencing a Digital revolution. Digital work and commerce have become more relevant and taken center stage in our daily lives. 

The Internet, new platforms, and applications have been the main allies, significantly increasing the number of users and digital customers. 

In line with the digital need, digital service has been Caixa's main objective. 

The results achieved so far demonstrate the speed in the increase in the use of “Remote Banking”, becoming the privileged channel of contact between customers and the institution. 

Caixa is investing in the Digital Banking campaign during the month of September, encouraging customers to use the banking alternative digital channels. 

The campaign will be implemented at the branches and aims to increase adherence and use of the Caixanet Home banking and Caixa Mobile App services

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Price Update

To all our esteemed customers, 

Caixa informs you that in september 2022, we have updated our Price List on various commissions and reduced the Renewable Energy Creditt and VISA credit cards. 

To better stay informed, we advise you to check the changes to the Price List available on the website or to consult any of our agencies. 

Concerning the commissions mentioned above, they apply to new credit agreements. That is; the changes made herein only take effect from the beginning of a new contractual period (renewal). 

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Bank branches will resume operation on Saturday

To all our esteemed customers, Caixa informs you that from August 6th this month, all our branches listed below will resume operation on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm: 

· Microcredit/Farm - Praia 

· Av. July 5th - Mindelo 

· Assomada - Santa Catarina 

· São Filipe – Fogo 

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