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COMUNICADO - Pagamento de Dividendos Referentes ao Exercício de 2023


Comunicamos aos Senhores Acionistas que, nos termos da Lei e de acordo com a Assembleia Geral Ordinária da Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde, realizada no dia 28 de junho do corrente ano, foi deliberada a seguinte aplicação de resultado líquido, do exercício de 2023, no valor de 1.503.179.360$00.

Aplicação De Resultado Líquido Caixa 2023

Assim, informamos que a Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde procederá, no dia 26 de julho do corrente ano, ao pagamento de dividendos referentes ao exercício de 2023, no valor de CVE 540$00 por ação. 

Mais se informa que, a Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde é o intermediário financeiro encarregue do pagamento.

Clique aqui para ler o Comunicado - Pagamento de Dividendos Referentes ao Exercício de 2023.

"Come and do your accounts with us" campaign

Caixa launches the "Come and do your accounts with us" campaign in July

This campaign aims to promote credit solutions and help customers realize their dreams and achieve a better future while reinforcing Caixa’s positioning as the bank that suits its customers.

Caixa offers a portfolio of credit solutions with attractive and competitive rates designed to support personal and professional projects.

Credit applications can be made at branches or through the Crédito Digital platform on the website, where you can apply online for car loans and Credicaixa.

For more information, visit the Credits menu and explore "Come and do business with us" on the website.

Caixa Sponsors "General Knowledge Olympics" competition in San Lorenzo de los Órgãos

Caixa is strengthening its commitment to education by partnering with the Delegation of the Ministry of Education of San Lorenzo de los Órgãos (Santiago) to organize the "General Knowledge Olympics School Year 2023/2024" competition. The initiative, designed to promote knowledge and academic excellence among students, saw Caixa supporting the event by sponsoring the first and second-place prizes.

The prizes were awarded to the finalists of the competition on June 15th, during the final event of the 6th edition of the "BADJA KU NOS VOS" GALA. In addition to the General Knowledge Olympiad awards, the event featured various other activities, including a Voice, Music, and Reading Competition.

The "General Knowledge Olympics" is a remarkable initiative that fosters education and academic excellence among young Cape Verdeans. This competition motivates students to commit to their studies, broaden their knowledge, and enhance their intellectual abilities. By rewarding the top performers, Caixa not only acknowledges the students' merit and effort but also promotes the value of education within the community.

Caixa's partnership with the "General Knowledge Olympics" underscores the bank's dedication to Cape Verde's future. Through its investment in youth education, we aim to help create a more equitable, prosperous, and advanced society.

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The General Assembly of Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde - Ordinary Session

To be held at Caixa Headquarter´s Auditorium, City of Praia, on June 28, 2024, at 16:00pm.

To read the Communiqué, click here.

Caixa Económica Achieves Highest Systemic Importance in BCV Assessment

We are pleased to announce that Caixa has been recognized as the most systemically important bank in the country.

This recognition underscores Caixa's crucial role in the Cape Verdean financial system, solidifying its leading position and reputation as a key financial institution in Cape Verde.

According to BCV's assessment report, the regulator will publish a list of credit institutions - identified as  -high systematic importance, meeting the said threshold annually.

Caixa Económica de Cabo Verde has been identified as the bank with - high systemic importance in the archipelago, as revealed by Banco de Cabo Verde, the financial sector regulator.

Following Caixa Económica, BCA, BCN, and Banco Interatlântico have been categorized, with BCN and Banco Interatlântico considered to have slight systemic importance.

In contrast, BAI, iiB, and Ecobank were listed - as not systemically important.

The assessment originates from the BCV, which will now publish a list of credit institutions designated as - banks of systemic importance at a domestic level every 31st May.

According to a report by Agência Lusa, the classification of each bank factored on using data from December 31st of the previous year. The classification factored on four indicators: size (35%), interconnectivity (20%), substitutability (35%), and domestic sentiment (10%).

According to the same source, after calculating the scores, Caixa Económica leads the ranking with 285 points, followed by BCA, which has 264 points, surpassing the 200-point threshold that designates institutions as - domestic banks of high systemic importance.

The regulator did not identify banks scoring between 150 and 200.

In the 95 to 150 points range, BCN scored (117 points), and Interaltântico (97 points) - was classified as a “domestic bank of slight systemic importance.” BAI, iiB, and Ecobank, all scoring below 95 points - deemed to have no systemic importance.

Cape Verde’s four systemically important banks

Cape Verde has four banks of systemic importance, which are required to maintain conservation reserves to mitigate impacts, according to an initial assessment by the Bank of Cape Verde (BCV). 

The regulator announced that Caixa Económica and Banco Comercial do Atlântico (BCA) are the two banks of "high systemic importance," in that order.

Following this were Banco Cabo-verdiano de Negócios (BCN) and Banco Interatlântico, owned by Portugal's Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD), both designated as banks of “slight systemic importance.” 

In contrast, Banco Angolano de Investimentos (BAI), International Investment Bank (IIB), and Ecobank were classified as “not systemically important.”

According to regulations published five months ago, the central bank releases the list of credit institutions classified as 'domestically systemically important banks' (D-SIBs) by May 31st each year.

Each bank's ranking is determined using data as of December 31 of the previous year and is based on four indicators: size (35%), interconnectivity (20%), substitutability (35%), and domestic sentiment (10%).

Caixa received a classification of 285 points, and BCA received 264 points, both surpassing the 200-point threshold that designates institutions as "domestic banks of high systemic importance."

Banks scoring between 150 and 200 points are considered to have "moderate systemic importance," but there are no institutions in this range. The next tier, ranging from 95 to 150 points, includes those classified as "domestic banks of slight systemic importance," which comprises BCN with 117 points and Interatlântico with 97 points.

Banks scoring below 95 points, such as BAI, IIB, and Ecobank, are deemed to lack systemic importance. 

To address this, the BCV, in line with global practices, has implemented a capital conservation buffer. This measure ensures that banks build up a robust capital base during economic growth, enabling them to absorb losses during periods of financial stress.

All domestic banks classified as Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) are required to establish a conservation reserve based on their classification. 

This measure gained global prominence following the 2007-2009 financial crisis to prevent issues in major institutions with substantial market influence, known as systemic importance.

Source: Expresso as Ilhas

BCV - Classification of domestic banks based on their systemic importance


Caixa launches new campaign targeting young university students

With the slogan "Your future starts at Caixa," Caixa has introduced the Caixa Estudante Pack, an initiative aimed at establishing a connection with young people aged 18 who are either preparing for or have already begun their university journey.

The Caixa Estudante Pack is specially designed for students, offering essential products and services tailored to their needs during this crucial phase of life.

Also, it offers a comprehensive suite of financial services, including Caixa's current account, Vinti4 and Visa Pré Pago Plus debit cards, access to Caixa's digital banking, and Credibolsa—a credit line designed to finance secondary higher education, and technological specialization courses.

Visit our Caixa Mobile Facebook page and follow our special offers throughout June.


Your future begins at Caixa.
Caixa Student Pack