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  1. What is caixanet?

    caixanet is the online banking service of Caixa that allows you to make distance banking transactions with interactive communication. You may from any location,on any computer connected to the internet and at any time, view his accounts and perform other banking operations by simply typing the username and entering the access code. The username and acess code are  provided after signing the Sign Up Form form.

  2. What operations can I carry out in caixanet?

    You can:

    • Check/Consult:
      • Balances and account transactions 
      • Details and transactions of the debit card (Vinti4 card) and credit card
      • The consolidated position of all of your accounts
      • Foreign Exchange rates
      • Your BIN
      • The summary of the next maturity dates of the accounts  
    • Order  debit cards (Vinti4)       
    • Order a checkbook with the possibility of indicating the place of delivery
    • Block checks (under your full responsibility)
    • Simulate Loans
    • Request foreign currencies (notes and foreign currency)
    • Change your access code
    • Exchange  messages with Caixa
    • Obtain documents evidencing the transactions executed 
    • Make Transfers
    • Have acess other services that Caixa makes available in the future

  3. How can I join caixanet?

    All of Caixa's are entitled to join caixanet.To that end, the customer must fill out and sign the Sign Up Form,that is also available in all of Caixa Branches, and send it by mail or deliver it directly on a Branch. Afterwards, the customer will receive by e-mail his username and access code which  may be used on that same day.Customers who live abroad may also join caixanet by mailing the Sign Up Form duly filled out and signed. 

  4. Acess Code

    4.1. What is the acess code?

    The acess code is a code that is provided with your username, via email, and it allows you to login at caixanet.

    4.2. How do I change my acess code?

    You may change your acess code at caixanet by choosing "Customize" and then the sub-menu "Change Access Code". You should use at least four and a maximum of ten numeric digits in you access code and that graphic characters of the type (+, -, £, *, -, etc.) should not be included in its composition.

    4.3. What should I do if my user gets blocked due to entering wrong acess code(s)?

    You should send an e-mail to our services requesting the reactivation of your user.

  5. Confirmation key

    5.1. What is the confirmation key?

    The confirmation key is a code that must be used to validate all of the transactions made on caixanet.

    5.2. How do I change the confirmation key?

     You may change your confirmation key at caixanet by:

    1. Choosing "Customize"

    2. Choosing the sub-menu "Change Access Code".

    3. Inserting your new confirmation key with 7 numeric digits.

  6. Where can I use caixanet service?

    You can use caixanet on any computer that has acess to internet on

  7. I am already registered in caixanet but I cannot acess the service.How should I proceed?

    Both the "User" and the "Access Code" are case sensitive. If you record one them with CAPITALS, then you should always use CAPITALS, and the same applies to lowercase. If the problem persists, please contact us.

  8. What is the operating schedule of caixanet?

    Caixanet is available 24 hour a day and 7 days a week.

  9. What are the costs of caixanet?

    Joining caixanet is totally free and it has no anuity of utilization fee.

    The transactions made on caixanet are caixanet is subject to Caixa's Schedule of Fees.

  10. What can I do after receiving my acess code by e-mail?

    You shoulp change it trhu the Menu Personalization/ change acess code.

    Be aware that your acess code must be composed by at least four and a maximum of 10 digits and you should not use graphical symbols (+, -, £, *, -, etc.).

  11. What should I do I my username gets bloqued due to  wrong typing of the acess code?

    You should send us an e-mail to asking the reactivation of your username, with your full name and birthday or your account number.

  12. What should I do if I forget my acess code?

    You should print and fill up and sign the new acess code or confirmation key and send it to your Branch.

    You can also send us an e-mail to requesting a new acess code, with your full name and birthday or your account number.


  13. Is the information about my account(s) always updated?

    Yes, the information about you account is automaticaly updated.

  14. How can I update my personal information?

    To update your personal information ( e-mail, adress, phone number,etc.) you should duly fill up and sign the personal information update application and send it to us by mail or drop it off at a Branch.

    To check the addresses of our Branches, clich here.

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